Christian Marclay is a 63-year-old Swedish-American Artist, who creates both visual and audio pieces. Marclay was born in California and at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, graduating in 1980 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He later moved to New York and spends most of his time there, or in London. Marclay has always been drawn to music. Punk Rock is one of his favorites, because of the energy it contains. Cutting up and manipulating records, helps him create new music and sounds. In 1985, he released Record without a cover, which was a record containing manipulated music Marclay had created. The record was meant to be sold without a case, or sleeve, as it was believed that fingerprints and scratches would increase the quality of the sound. A visual piece he created was 2016, Made to be Destroyed. It contained various clips of things being destroyed.

I personally Find Christian Marclay’s art interesting. One word I would use to describe it is very modern, and different to what you would typically picture when you think about art. One piece that I believe is titled, For a Flagon Full of Good Ale, really stands out to me. It’s a simple piece of paper with sheet Music, displayed in a box with glass that warps the music in the Middle.

This Piece is very pleasing to the eye, and in my opinion, does a great job of blending Marclay’s love of art and music. Marclay’s art is very interesting, to say the least. I’d definitely like to see more from him in the future!

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