Cory Arcangel was born on in 1978 in Buffalo, New York, and currently lives with his wife in Stavanger, Norway. He is a 40-year-old digital artist, who’s just “trying his best.” Arcangel studied the technology of music at Oberlin College, graduating in 2000, and released a collaborative record of 8-bit music, called “The 8-Bit Construction Set” with friends,  Jacob Ciocci and Paul B. Davis. Arcangel has created a variety of pieces, all based around some form of technology. He incorporates both music and coding into his work, as seen in  Super Mario Clouds, Tetris Screwed, as well as some audio and performance pieces.

Super Mario Clouds

Arcangel’s work truly Fascinates me. I think it’s so cool how he incorporates his interests into his work. His work is very unique and satirical, for example, his Piece, Totally Fucked, a mod where you play as Mario from the Super Mario Bros. Franchise, stuck on a single block in the middle of an all blue background. It’s also super impressive that he was the youngest artist to ever receive his own floor at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Arcangel uses appropriation in his art, which is when an artist recycles existing materials into their own art. For example, he takes a fidget spinner and puts faces of celebrities onto the three sides. Arcangel has definitely become a huge inspiration for me. He’s someone I would have never thought to look into, but I’m definitely glad I got the opportunity to do so. 

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