Hiroshi Sugimoto was born in 1948, in Tokyo, Japan. He studied politics and Sociology at St.Paul’s University in Japan and went on to get his BFA in Fine arts from the Art Center college of design in Los Angeles, Graduating in 1974. He currently lives in New York, where he practices photography, as well as other mediums of art, such as architecture, and performance. His photography is mainly in black and white, and Sugimoto describes it as an
expression of “time exposed”. In other words, it portrays a sort of time capsule for events in life. He experiments with ideas of life and death and the conflicts between them. 

Looking at Sugimoto’s art immediately makes me think of some sort of art gallery in New York. His pieces are mysterious, and, in my opinion, hold some sort of sad beauty behind them. The black and white aesthetic gives old movie vibes and is somewhat relaxing, yet capturing at the same time. 

Sugimoto has also created some performance art pieces, that look to b heavily influenced by his Japanese Culture. I think it’s really interesting that he mixes in his culture, with his work. 

In addition to Black and white, scenic photography, he takes beautiful pictures of landscapes and landmarks, capturing their unique beauty in his photos, that can be found on his website. 

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