Kelli Conell is a contemporary American Photographer, born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She earned a master of fine arts from Texas Woman’s University in 2003. She creates self-portraits, depicting made up scenes. Conell released a book titled, Kelli Conell: Double life in August of 2011. In it, she explores gender roles and societal norms, which becomes a sort of theme in her works.

Conell creates the images by scanning and manipulating negatives in Adobe Photoshop. She likes creating “Stories” with her photographs,┬ábased on personal experience. Conell challenged sexuality and gender roles in her work, focusing on the duality of the “self”

Conell’s Surrealistic style is truly captivating to the eye in my opinion. She creates realistic scenes in her photography, and it amazes me that she is able to come up with these situations and reenact them in such a believable way. I believe that Conell draws inspiration from movie scenes, as other photographers have before. I believe this medium is perfect for displaying the message that she does and is an interesting change from what I would normally look at.

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