Kristen Lepore is stop motion Animator from New Jersey. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art, where she studied experimental animation. She went on to study at the famous Californian art college, CalArts. Lepore is best known for her stop-motion films such as “Hi Stranger” and her episode of Adventure time, “Bad Jubies” She would later go on to work on more Cartoon Network shows, such as Summer Camp Island. 

I was very surprised when researching Lepore. Not only was she an animator, but I’d previously watched some of her work. I had an idea of who she was. Lepore has a very distinctive style, creating unique and witty shorts that are both entertaining and amusing to watch.

In addition to Stop motion, Lepore also does pencil, and 2-D animation, and storyboarding. As previously mentioned, She worked as a story board artist for the new Cartoon Network Show, Summer camp Island. It’s very interesting to me, to see a woman with such talent, and such an extensive knowledge and ability to do so many forms of animation. It’s really inspiring, especially to me, who’s looking into perusing animation as a career, to see her work and understand all the work that someone like Lepore puts into their projects. 

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