Robert Beatty is an artist and musician based in Lexington, Kentucky. He creates “psychedelic” themed album art, posters and record covers for various indie and various Underground bands such as Oneohtrix Point Never. Beatty designs surreal pieces of art, containing bright colors, geometric shapes, lines, and a recurring theme of melting colors or objects. His work often contains faces and the sky or outer space. In addition to album art, Beatty has created a series of “experimental animations” as music videos for previously mentioned underground bands and artists. According to a 2017 interview by Chris Shields, on,  Beatty never finished College and instead started playing music with his band, Hair Police at age 19 and discovering his love for art while on tour.   As described on the Website, Band Camp Daily, Robert Beatty seeks to capture a “Wierd Sense of Wonder” through his art, and it’s most definitely been both effective and powerful towards his followers.

Album Art for Oneohtrix Point Never — Commissions I 

Robert Beatty’s art speaks to me in an exciting way. Before even knowing he was into music or did album art, my first impression of his art was that it reminded me of some sort of Album cover, or maybe a music video for a band such as Pink Floyd or Queen. In fact, an article by the Washington Post compared his Cover art for The band, Tame Empala, to that of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

Side By side, It’s easy to see the Parallels between the two Album Arts.

I think that it’s super interesting that Beatty Combined music and Art to create something amazing. I feel as if I can relate to the pieces he creates. From what I’ve been able to tell, he truly comprehends music and is able to make art that’s appropriate for each and every album and every song on that album. I could stare at his work for days, getting hypnotized by the various lines and bright colors he uses. I’m happy that I discovered his art, as it will definitely be a big influence for me in the future.

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