For my final, I created a brief Animation about Daily life as a member of the wardrobe team for the recent musical. Starting from the very first day. The animation is not complete but serves as a “Preview” for the full short I plan to create. This was my process:

The idea stemmed from a joke my friends made one day when we were in the dressing room at Merrily. All three of us were kind of nervous and didn’t know what to do, so we ended up bunching together in little groups a lot and following each other wherever we went.

This is us IRL:

The idea for making this into an Animation stemmed from this faithful Text:

I continued doodling our friend group as Ducks until one day I was like:

I should Animate this.

My friends were like:

Please Do.

So. Here we are.

Concept Art was difficult because I wanted to give the characters expressions, and I wasn’t sure how I could do that with ducks.

I’ve always been inspired by creepy art. Cartoonists such as , Jhonen Vasquez (Invader Zim, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac) Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz, Tank Girl)and Tim Burton (Everyone knows him) always stood out to me.

Although the animation is full of bright and lively colors, this inspiration helped with my final character design, with the white, pupil-less eyes and eye bags.

Next I began pondering how I Could put this into action. I knew there had to be a Scene where the ducks were walking in a line… because that’s what Ducks do. So the first thing I worked on was animating the Ducks walking.

To make things easier on me, I imported the frames from Photoshop into Adobe Animate and colored everything there. My layers and timeline looked like this:


After completing this, I got to work on a Storyboard to help me have a better idea of what to put into the animation.

I had many ideas on how to execute this, including An action adventure, a Documentary, a storybook, and A fake TV show opening.

In the end, I was only able to create a brief “daily life” type video.

I’m not good at drawing backgrounds so I kept it simple with little sketches of what the background might look like.

The drawing was difficult. I have a cracked screen covered in tape, making it hard to draw fast and well. In addition to this, my programs where laggy. Each clip took between two and four hours.

Having some background in Animation helped a lot with efficiency. A technique I used a lot was having a “base image” and only animating things I needed to on separate layers.

After Completing all the Animations and Drawings, I imported everything into After effects and put them together. Editing took around five hours.

Adding music and sound effects were difficult. I understand the importance of Audio, especially in storytelling. I went from wanting Cinematic Music to 8-bit Music to the duck song… ETC. I went with a combination of things, starting with the song, “To Binge” by Gorillaz as the opening, since it’s a very distinctive song with a fun melody that really grabs your attention. I proceeded to use children’s music, as the characters are all Babies. Towards the end, I did decide to go with an action/adventure video game-esque type thing and added the 8-bit music, a sound effect from Sonic, and a song from the trailer to a video game.

I tend to pay very very close attention to detail, so every sound is planned very carefully to match the mood. I wanted to add more quacks, but quacks are kind of ugly sounding, so I opted for some baby duck sounds instead.

This was the end result:

My folder looked like this when I finished.

I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to get everything in, including the Cameo of our fellow Techie, Mason, as a bear. I animated the clip of him but didn’t have a place to put him where it would make sense. For a while, I considered putting him at the end, with speech bubbles saying something, and use an 8-bit voice synth as his voice, but It seemed out of place.

I do plan to continue working on this, adding more characters (as different animals!) and scenes including inside jokes, such as this:


Of course. The main people I this video was made for are my new theater friends. And… This Just in- They loved it!


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