What is Digital Art?

Digital Art is just like paper art, except instead of paper, you use technology to create it. It can range from a drawing made in MS paint, to an altered picture taken from your phone or camera. It’s really anything, as long as some form of technology is involved.

What are the defining features, advantages, and limitations that make digital art unique from other forms of visual expression?

They say that if you want something done right, you should do it yourself. That is to say, if you want something done 100% to your likings, you should really do it by hand. Technology can only get you so far, and it has its limits. On the other hand, digital art is great. You don’t have to worry about water damage or ripping the paper. It’s also less likely you’ll lose the art. You can work on the piece anywhere, using thumb drives or the cloud.

Here are some pieces of Digital art that speak to me:

I Chose this Piece by Jamie Hewlett as his dark, and creepy edgy style has always stood out to me, whether it be Tank Girl or Gorillaz, the geometric look of the characters and scenery has always caught my eye. Artists such as Hewlett, Jhonen Vazquez, and Tim Burton, have always been among my favorites.  This Piece I came across while searching for Gifs. Although it doesn’t move here, this collaboration between Photographer Nadia Wicker and Digital Artist George Redwick blew me away with its simplistic beauty. The face of the woman’s dress fades away majestically as water splashes everywhere. It gives off a very calming effect, that jumped out to me.

I found this while browsing the #Digitalart tag on Instagram. I had gone to some of the art shown on the class blog and kept clicking hashtags until I found this adorable picture. This Artist @Gubsly.Art, has created multiple cute drawing with captions that they have made into things such as shirts, mugs, and pillowcases. I really liked this shark as it reminded me of me, and looked overall very cartoony, which I love!!


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