Artist, Takeshi Murata was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1974. He was born to a family of Architects, who helped give him an awareness about the space around him. This resulted in an interest in animation and cartoons. Murata states that the biggest influence in his art was the discovery of experimental Animation and his love for horror movies. Murata creates digital media works of art by using both video and computer animation techniques. Some of his pieces include, “Monster Movie”, a digital projection, where he used a method called datamoshing on a movie called Caveman, Where he punched digital holes in the compressed video file. This projection became his first permanent exhibit, and can be viewed in the Smithsonian American Art Museum  In 2006, Murata’s Collection became a permanent exhibit in Hirshhorn’s permanent collection.

Murata is definitely another artist, whose art can be described as aesthetically pleasing. I personally enjoy looking at his work. The bright colors he uses definitely stands out and definitely captures the eye. It amazed me that all his artwork is computer generated, as it looks so realistic.

Researching him really opened my eyes to a whole new world of experimental animation.  As someone who’s main interest is animation, it was fascinating to see what kinds of things one can create using this medium.  In addition to animation, his expertise in creating digital works is a real talent. I live in DC, so I think it would be cool to go visit one of his permanent installments. In fact, I might have already seen some of his work, and not even realized it!

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